Cast Your Vote: Choose a New Monopoly Token!

This morning, Hasbro launched a new campaign called Save Your Token that allows Monopoly fans to choose which of the classic game tokens should be retired. The battleship, thimble, iron, top hat, wheelbarrow, Scottie dog, racer and shoe are all up for elimination, many of which have been part of the game since the 1930s. Hasbro is also encouraging fans to pick a new token (a robot, a helicopter, a guitar, a ring or a cat… No Ekster?) that will replace the empty slot. According to USA Today, a limited edition Monopoly set featuring all of the classic tokens as well as the five prototypes will be released in Target stores mid-February…

Strongbow claims to have created the world’s very first digital bottle top:

Strongbow claims to have created the world’s very first digital bottle top with their new ‘StartCap‘ installations, where opening bottles of Strongbow triggers unexpected things on-premise in bars and at events. It’s powered by RFID, with the bottle caps triggering/ connecting the RFID signal as they are opened, which is in turn picked up by RFID scanners and translated into real-world actions like turning on projections, shooting confetti and launching fireworks etc.

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Projects I contributed to: Rejuvenating Wrangler, a denim icon

With the WANTED theme, we at BSUR (my employer at the time) won a huge pitch for the re-launch of the legendary jeans brand. Wrangler was traditionally all about the clichés of the cowboy lifestyle: Stetsons and boots and all. A tradition I personally LOVED ending there and then. > The campaign BSUR rolled out after winning that pitch, updates the key attributes of the cowboy MINDSET and connects only those to Wrangler. So it’s all about pioneering and discovering new territories, but now in the urban scenery. Something new pioneering generations can relate to. It’s those new Urban Outlaws that are WANTED. By Wrangler. By the way: don’t get me wrong, I’m not the art director nor the designer, photographer or director of this great stuff. Those credits totally go to a whole bunch of gifted other ones. But every time I look back at this project, I feel proud having contributed to the initial thinking preceding the campaign. Enjoy the final results:


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> To wrap it all up: WANTED is about edge, desire and new frontiers. About the contemporary spirit of the West. With more communicative design and more designed communications, Wrangler’s WANTED translates into all the relevant touch points. All of them rugged, bold and low-tech. To ‘be as you are’ it’s important to ‘behave as you are.’ Especially in the lifestyle business. > So BSUR did a guerrilla launch of the new winter collection in major cities: Cut out your own pair of frozen Wranglers for free. Craze in the streets and in social media. Retail went up with 60% > A roadshow with pop-up store and bar > A Wrangler laundry at festivals  > Outdoor and indoor print campaigns > BSUR even co-created an exclusive collection -B.Y.- with Wrangler. The WANTED result: brand loyalists were affirmed, the young and hip were added, next gen stores opened up to the brand: rejuvenation process completed. > Many congrats and mega lots of thanks to the BSUR people for having me in the initial phase of the project. And especially to the other Rodger, Joost, Jan & Richard: I admire where you guys took the whole project!

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