10 vintage phallic ads:


Ah, 70s men’s fashion.
That piece of wood could be thicker.
Read the copy for a good guffaw.


Is that Thrush header muffler a phallic symbol? (Yes.) Is that the Grim Reapress? (I don’t know.) And is the Donny Osmond doppelgänger wearing a flame-retardant drag racing suit or some terrible ’70s outfit? (I don’t know.)


She’s holding a phallic symbol, two oranges, and a carton of white fluid. Any questions?


It’s a Dicknic!

Take a good look at the ad. The foreground woman has one penis-y bottle in her hands while being force-fed a dog. Background woman is showing Chip how much of his dog she can fit in her maw at once. I don’t know about the sexual orientation of the fifth-wheel dude, but he’s making damn sure we notice the bananas. Then, there are the extra dogs, the knives, the shirt stripes — even the pattern on the basket looks like erect penises.


Sometimes, a wine sack is a sack.
Let me squeeze it for you, babe.
Texas International airlines is no longer around.


Where there’s smoke, there’s penis.


1954. Lipstick by Freud.


Well, just the tip.


You may sniff my pipe, doll.



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A Lexus changes colors, turns on its headlights and exposes its interior as music plays in this highly interactive print ad:

A Lexus 2013 ES changes colors, turns on its headlights and exposes its interior as throbbing music plays in this highly interactive print ad in the Oct. 15 Sports Illustrated:

YouTube Direkt

How is this possible, you ask? Well, they sort of cheated. Using a Lexus-created technology called CinePrint, the ad comes to life only when you put an iPad behind the printed page that’s displaying the iPad edition of SIor on lexus.com/stunning.

As the release from Lexus notes, most traditionally “interactive” print ads direct users away from the page (think QR codes.) However, “CinePrint Technology flips that on its head, creating a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page with a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch.”

Thanks, Sander!

Cannes Lions: Fabrica Treviso wins 3 Grand Prix awards with Benetton ‘Unhate’ campaign at Press Lions 2012

Italian firm Fabrica Treviso has won three Grand Prix awards with the Press Lions at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for its work with clothing brand Benetton:


The Grand Prix were presented for the three ads for Benetton; ‘Unhate (Palestine and Israel)’, ‘Unhate (USA and Venezuela), and ‘Unhate (Germany and France)’.