10 vintage phallic ads:


Ah, 70s men’s fashion.
That piece of wood could be thicker.
Read the copy for a good guffaw.


Is that Thrush header muffler a phallic symbol? (Yes.) Is that the Grim Reapress? (I don’t know.) And is the Donny Osmond doppelgänger wearing a flame-retardant drag racing suit or some terrible ’70s outfit? (I don’t know.)


She’s holding a phallic symbol, two oranges, and a carton of white fluid. Any questions?


It’s a Dicknic!

Take a good look at the ad. The foreground woman has one penis-y bottle in her hands while being force-fed a dog. Background woman is showing Chip how much of his dog she can fit in her maw at once. I don’t know about the sexual orientation of the fifth-wheel dude, but he’s making damn sure we notice the bananas. Then, there are the extra dogs, the knives, the shirt stripes — even the pattern on the basket looks like erect penises.


Sometimes, a wine sack is a sack.
Let me squeeze it for you, babe.
Texas International airlines is no longer around.


Where there’s smoke, there’s penis.


1954. Lipstick by Freud.


Well, just the tip.


You may sniff my pipe, doll.



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Airbrushing to SUBTRACT weight is bad enough, but THIS?!?

This is 20-year-old supermodel Karlie Kloss. Those were her ribs, before the October issue of international fashion magazine Numéro Photoshopped them out.


According to Celebuzz, this is not the first time Kloss’ thin frame has caused controversy. Last December, Vogue Italia had to remove photos of the model from their site after people copied them onto their pro-anorexia websites. The original photo for Numéro, taken by Greg Kadel, shows Kloss’ jutting ribs, sternum, and collar bones.

This cool video tries to make sense of that ambiguous term called -Integrated Advertising:

YouTube Direkt

Shaked & Baked by: Baumann Ber Rivnay/ Saatchi& Saatchi Advertising, Tel-Aviv. Concept & Direction: Shushu E. Spanier Art : Studio Darom (Jantien Roozenburg & Li Levi) Writers: Yossi Lubaton, Dorit Gvili, Nadav Pressman, Maayan Tirangel, Gili Sasson & Shushu E. Spanier

via: https://twitter.com/entjoe

Funny social experiment giving people the chance to know what it feels like to be a freelancer:

Ever freelance? The guys at Don’t Get Screwed Over want to make sure you understand the importance of binding legal agreements before any work commences, so they dreamed up a stunt in which random New Yorkers got to feel the pain of being stiffed out of their own money (as freelancers and small business owners so often are).

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Lessons learned here: Get your paperwork in order, and New Yorkers can’t draw. LOL!

Brandalism? Brandalism:


Following on from the guerilla art traditions of the 20th Century and taking inspiration from the Dadaists, Situationists and Street Art movements, the Brandalism project will see the largest reclamation of outdoor advertising space in UK history as artists challenge the authority and legitimacy of the advertising industry. They are tired of being shouted at by adverts on every street corner so they decided to get together with some friends from around the world and start to take them back, one billboard at a time.