LG trolls elevator passengers to show how ‘lifelike’ its new IPS monitors are:

For technology manufacturers, there’s no better way of showing off what your new product can do than deploying it in a real-world environment, where people can see for themselves. To show off its new IPS monitors, LG combined nine of its displays, arranged them in a three-by-three grid, and fix them to a floor of an elevator:

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Marks & Spencer create world’s largest Union Jack flag from unwanted clothes:

Marks & Spencer has created a giant piece of clothing art at West Ham Park. Using 2,100 unwanted items of clothing donated to the Shwopping initiative, M&S, local volunteering group Elevation Networks and charity partner Oxfam they made the world’s largest Union Jack flag clothes mosaic. All items used in the creation of the flag will be reused, resold or recycled by Oxfam.

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Funny social experiment giving people the chance to know what it feels like to be a freelancer:

Ever freelance? The guys at Don’t Get Screwed Over want to make sure you understand the importance of binding legal agreements before any work commences, so they dreamed up a stunt in which random New Yorkers got to feel the pain of being stiffed out of their own money (as freelancers and small business owners so often are).

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Lessons learned here: Get your paperwork in order, and New Yorkers can’t draw. LOL!

Coca-Cola security camera ad tells us to look at life a little differently…

A Coca-Cola ad released last week encourages us to look at life differently by showing wonderfully positive, uplifting moments captured on security cameras:

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Not everyone is a fan of the marketing tactic used by the beverage corporation. In the words of one commenter on YouTube:

“I thought this video was about how good the world is … until I realize [it’s] just Coke using viral videos to market themselves and make more money.”

Telephone boxes invade London

British Telecom have launched an art project the aim of which is to revitalize that most British of icons, the telephone box. And, of course, to raise an awful lot of money for charity:


If you would like to see all of them or register your interest in participating in the auction for one of them, click here.