Pre-peeled and repackaged bananas are as stupid as they are wasteful:


A supermarket chain which advertises using a slogan that urges more common sense in shopping has been selling peeled bananas on plastic trays wrapped in foil.

But the stunt by the German-owned Billa supermarket chain – part of the Rewe group that has thousands of stores in 9 European countries, has caused outrage among users after it was posted on the firm’s Facebook page.

Last night staff moved to distance themselves from the sale of ready-peeled bananas and apologised for the “one off” mistake, saying it would not happen again.

4 million “limited” ABSOLUT Vodka bottles:

It’s tough to convince anyone that 4 million of anything can be considered “limited”, but as it pertains to ABSOLUT Vodka’s latest marketing campaign, the number rings true. 

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ABSOLUT Unique is a 4 million-bottle limited edition run, set for distribution in more than 80 international markets. The task required a complete overhaul of the manufacturing plant, including the installing of splash guns and programmable color-generating machines, which employ complex algorithms in order to ensure no two bottles are alike.

Cool! Porcelain skateboards!

“Porcelain Decks” takes over Cali Helsinki, the streetwear concept store, for two weeks in 23.8.-8.9.2012. The exhibition consists of 12 different decks made out of porcelain that are illustrated with various ceramic techniques. In addition a short film made in collaboration with production company Cocoa and Angel Films is presented:

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The tiniest IKEA store measures 300×250 pixels, but still contains 2,800 products in 5 departments

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To show its commitment to space saving, Swedish furniture brand IKEA created the tiniest store in the world. 

The tiniest IKEA store measures 300×250 pixels, or 10.5×8.8 cm, and contains 2,800 products in five departments. 

The products make up the mosaic of images in five departments, to create the entire IKEA store in a web banner. 

Users can search by department, browse, and click on the item to buy—to buy, users would be directed to the product page on IKEA’s website.

Click here to see all the items on IKEA in the Ekster’s nest.

Projects I got involved in: The Emirates’ new global brand platform


The thinking behind it.  

Emirates has recently launched its new global brand platform as the airline continues its “evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand”.


Photography by Maurice Heesen.

Themed ‘Hello Tomorrow’, the Dubai-based carrier rolled out an integrated marketing campaign as part of its bid to position the airline as “the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences.” 

Admirably so, the Strawberry Frog team managed to get that message across without showing-off Emirate’s impressive fleet in any of the ads…



Global TV commercial.

Throughout this campaign, you’ll notice that ‘Tomorrow’ is referred to as an entity on its own. I intended to portrait ‘Tomorrow’ as if it is someone you can actually meet and share thoughts and experiences with. As if ‘Tomorrow’ has a mind of its own, inviting you to engage. I think it brings deeper meaning to the pay-off: ‘Hello Tomorrow.’

The campaign features print, TV and digital executions, including billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station.


I’ll keep you posted. Oh! Emirates has also launched a refreshed website.

My modest contributions do not hold up compared to the many months of excessive hard labour by the Strawberry Frog team in Amsterdam and especially by David Warner (CD) and Craig Lovelidge (CD). So infinite respect and big thanks to them for inviting me and Paul Best (art) to work with them on this important project.

And of course Emirates is on Facebook too.

Emirates’ song: Trek. Artists: Spencer & Antfood.

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