How the Dutch in 2009 proposed to save New York:

Watch this animation accompanying the 2009 presentation by Dutch engineering firm Arcadis: “Against the Deluge: Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City”

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Also check the impressive slides available here:…

It can still be built…

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Restored Faith in Post-Hurricane Humanity:

This heartwarming post-Hurricane Sandy story comes from Redditor RuffDesperado, whose friendly neighbor is offering free electricity to people who need to charge their phones:


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey residents have been facing massive power outage on an unprecedented scale, which may take longer than a week for complete restoration, according to the utility companies.

NYC scenes shot in the same location -day & night- together in one mesmerizing edit:

vimeo Direktw=500 h=375 New York: Night and Day is a combination of non-traditional video time-lapse and animation.  filmed day and night scenes from around New York City and combined them back into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques. The piece explores the relationships between night and day, by compositing together scenes shot in the same location over a time period ranging from 4 – 8 hours. Let’s hope NYC will soon be like this again.

London in 20 gigapixels:


Using equipment based on the Panogear hardware from Kolor, a super-telephoto lens and a current generation DSLR, around 2500 images (60GB) were captured. In less than a week these were processed using multiple software packages into a pair of panoramas, giving you the fantastic opportunity to explore all the major landmarks of central London in scrutinising detail.