How the Dutch in 2009 proposed to save New York:

Watch this animation accompanying the 2009 presentation by Dutch engineering firm Arcadis: “Against the Deluge: Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City”

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Also check the impressive slides available here:…

It can still be built…

(thanks for the tip, Sander!)

On october 28th Steve Jobs’ envisioned yacht Venus was unveiled in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands:

One year after his death, Steve Jobs’ yacht was unveiled at Dutch shipyard Koninklijke De Vries (Royal de Vries) in Aalsmeer. The yacht was designed by Jobs and designer Philippe Starck and was christened ‘Venus.’ Jobs’ widow Laurene and three of their children, Reed, Aaron and Eve, were at the ceremony:

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Tonight: Amsterdam 2.0 an art initiative that explores the vivid art scene in Amsterdam


Presenting Amsterdam 2.0, an art initiative that explores the vivid art scene in one of the world’s truly cosmopolitan cities. Through exposé and events, we will highlight international and homegrown influencers in combination, celebrating the capitol of diversity that is Amsterdam. We host events for sophisticated creatives. Our annual art exhibit/party at de Brakke Grond will serve as the inaugural celebration on our journey to take art in Amsterdam to the next echelon.

 Amsterdam 2.0 will take place tonight, May 18, 2012 at de Brakke Grond, located just a stone’s throw from Dam Square. Tickets are still available. Join us and special guest, Jameson, for an epic evening devoted to celebrating art and music.

To Safely Deliver Pizzas, Domino’s Scooter Makes Human-Made Engine Sounds

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In the Netherlands, Domino’s Pizza has installed a human-made engine noises to their noiseless, electric delivery scooters to improve the riders’ safety and promote the company. 

The ‘Safe Sound’ does not make just a regular ‘vroom-vroom’ sound, but rather a sound of a silly human voice—which makes the scooter more obvious to surrounding vehicles and people. 

Carolien ten Cate, marketing manager of Domino’s Pizza Netherlands, said in a statement that scooter pizza deliverymen get into risky situations because of the lack of engine noise. 

“Because the safety of our delivery and all other road users is very important to us, we take personal responsibility here to do something,” she said. 

Human-made engine noises: entertaining or annoying?

Glitches Turn Video Games Into Sublime Art

Most people throw their controllers when a glitch ruins a perfectly good game of Half Life or Grand Theft AutoRobert Overweg loves it; he turns it into art.


Overweg is a self-proclaimed photographer in the virtual world. In his ‘Glitches’ series, he captures whacked-out characters and snafued buildings in screenshots that look like what René Magritte might’ve produced had he been a gaming nerd. These are absurd apocalyptic landscapes rendered even more absurd by shooters suspended in mid-air, as if leaping off a trampoline, while a skyscraper burns ominously in the distance. Read the full story here.


The end of the virtual world, Robert Overweg, 2010.

I don’t look much younger in this TV-commercial, Do I?

Lots of the creative work I make in the advertising business nowadays, concerns online stuff. A couple of years ago, most of my work mainly contained offline ads, like the many ones I made for television.

Heck. I even have my own commercial:

Do you have a moment? I filed almost all of my TV-commercials here. Most of them are in Dutch by the way… Just to let you know.

Many thanks to the many art directors and film directors I did these with.


Dutch interior designer Tieme Rietveld and image makers Codex Inferno have collaborated on Perceptor, a handmade and hand-sprayed cabinet. It looks like a car that’s been in a head-on collision… the surrealist graphics make it hard to decipher what’s going on.


The Percepter Cabinet (€7,999) by Tieme Rietveld revels in the unnecessarily complicated. It’s one-of-a-kind, handmade, unabashed overdesign, inspired by an unlikely source. It all started with the AllSpark, a piece he did a while back for a client. AllSpark was based on the AllSpark artefact from the Transformers series.

Codex Inferno’s sprayed image has elements of “cubism, futurism, and graffiti artists like Daim and Delta,” and combined with Rietveld’s already unconventional cabinet, the Percepter becomes the most delightfully mindbending way to store the dishes. Without looking extremely closely, it’s impossible to know where the angular image ends and the cabinet itself begins.

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