Watch “Freckle”, an animated music video created using over 19,000 hand-created velcro dots…

Freckle is a music video created by visual artist and computational biologist Mike Cantor, with music by Brandon Patton, bass player for MC Frontalot. The video employs an original stop-animation technique which Cantor calls ‘Velcro rotoscoping’: thousands of colorful velcro dots are arrayed like pixels onto a grid, photographed, and then superimposed one frame at a time onto live-action video:

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Go see ~Omote 3D Shashin Kan~ for printing a 3D scale model of your own body:

Omote 3D Shashin Kan is the world’s first 3D portrait studio that uses a handheld scanner to produce a three-dimensional scale model of your entire body, which is then sculpted into a intricate plastic figurine.


Created by Japanese advertising and branding company PARTY and located in Tokyo’s youthful Harajuku neighborhood, the studio offers three different sizes for your luxurious mini-me sculpture: 3.9 inches (¥21,000 / $258), 5.9-inches (¥32,000 / $394) and 7.8-inches (¥42,000 / $517). It’s hard to call it a downside, but 3D printing isn’t exactly a instantly gratifying process and the models take about a month to complete.

Invader launched his mosaic street art into space for Miami exhibition:

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Yes, space. Invader, whose 8-bit creations have “invaded” more than 35 cities around the world — and even the ocean floor! — expanded the scope of his global installation by boldly sending the tile mosaic Space-one where no other work of art has gone before.

The mosaic was attached to a mini homemade spacecraft launched near Miami, where Invader’s images from the classic game of the same name have been popping up all over buildings, walls, and sidewalks in advance of December’s Art Basel happenings.

An attached helium weather balloon carried Space-one high above Earth, and an on-board camera documented the balloon’s burst under atmospheric pressure.