How many of the phones you owned are in ~the Evolution of the mobile phone~ by Docomo:

Japanese communications company NTT docomo celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exhibition showcasing the evolution of mobile phone culture starting from 1987 to the present day. the extensive chronological display of cell phones on view at tokyo designers’ weekoffered a visual documentation of the progress made in terms of size, shape, form, color and materials used in the design of today’s mobile devices:

The Best And Worst Places In The World To Be A Woman:

This infographic crunches data on maternal health, economic status, education, contraception use, and other factors to show where women are doing well and where their lives can be exceptionally hard.

It’s not particularly easy being a woman in most countries; even in areas where women are presumably seen as equal to men, their pay is often lacking. But that’s just one part of the problem. In some places, women receive minimal education, have a short life expectancy, are likely to lose a child at some point, and don’t have easy access to medical treatment.

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Infographic: The World’s Most Social Landmarks And Cities:

In this infographic by Facebook, they have measured the number of check-ins made by individuals online in 25 cities worldwide to determine the world’s most social landmarks. 
It was discovered that most people had checked-in to sports stadiums and public spaces such as gardens and parks—while landmarks such as amusement parks, concert areas and shopping centers received the least number of check-ins. 


In a separate infographic by Facebook, they measure the top five landmarks in eight of the world’s most sociable cities, arranging them according to the number of check-ins.