ERRATUM is a collection of dysfunctional luxuries curated by Londoner Jeremy Hutchison:

Selecting factories across China, India, Turkey and Pakistan, Hutchison invited workers to insert an error in the items they typically produced. Each object is therefore the product of an individual worker’s design.


Erratum is the latest series of everyday objects (with a twist of production errors) curated by Jeremy Hutchinson, a London-based artist with a running obsession for dysfunctional designs that led him to begin collecting a series of dysfunctional objects from factories all over the world, as also seen in his preceding installation work Err (2011). Hutchinson’s Erratum objects will be on display at Paradise Row Gallery in London from December 5 to December 21.

The United States’ most top secret beer just gained declassified status:

The White House has released the recipes for its home-brewed — and government approved — Honey Ale and Honey Porter, for those who really want to drink like the president.

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While people probably wouldn’t mind a few tax dollars being spent on the Commander in Chief’s home concoctions, Barack Obama funds this venture out of his own pocket.

4 million “limited” ABSOLUT Vodka bottles:

It’s tough to convince anyone that 4 million of anything can be considered “limited”, but as it pertains to ABSOLUT Vodka’s latest marketing campaign, the number rings true. 

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ABSOLUT Unique is a 4 million-bottle limited edition run, set for distribution in more than 80 international markets. The task required a complete overhaul of the manufacturing plant, including the installing of splash guns and programmable color-generating machines, which employ complex algorithms in order to ensure no two bottles are alike.