Cast Your Vote: Choose a New Monopoly Token!

This morning, Hasbro launched a new campaign called Save Your Token that allows Monopoly fans to choose which of the classic game tokens should be retired. The battleship, thimble, iron, top hat, wheelbarrow, Scottie dog, racer and shoe are all up for elimination, many of which have been part of the game since the 1930s. Hasbro is also encouraging fans to pick a new token (a robot, a helicopter, a guitar, a ring or a cat… No Ekster?) that will replace the empty slot. According to USA Today, a limited edition Monopoly set featuring all of the classic tokens as well as the five prototypes will be released in Target stores mid-February…

The United States’ most top secret beer just gained declassified status:

The White House has released the recipes for its home-brewed — and government approved — Honey Ale and Honey Porter, for those who really want to drink like the president.

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While people probably wouldn’t mind a few tax dollars being spent on the Commander in Chief’s home concoctions, Barack Obama funds this venture out of his own pocket.

Hand carved ice balls and Hakusku Whisky in the Ekster’s nest

The people from Cool Hunting recently had the chance to taste The Hakusku, a 12 year old single malt made by Suntory Whisky. In the process they became enamored with the use of a hand carved ice ball. To learn more they visited The Summit, a bar in New York’s Alphabet City neighborhood to learn a little more about the process. In the video Gardner Dunn, Suntory’s National Brand Ambassador, gave them the run down on the traditional production, purpose and use of the ice ball in Japanese whisky culture:

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AMAZING: Holi In Slo-Mo

Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. It is primarily observed in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and countries with large Indic diaspora populations following Hinduism. It is also known as Festival of Colours. This video shows the Holi festival in slow-motion high definition.

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Production Company: Variable –
Post Production/Editorial: The Mill –

Directors/Cinematographers: Jonathan Bregel & Khalid Mohtaseb @ Variable
Producer: Tyler Ginter @ Variable

Colourist: Sal Malfitano

Original Score/Sound Design: Salomon Ligthelm –

Improv Everywhere takes the award for best April Fool’s Day prank:

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Improv Everywhere takes the award for best April Fool’s Day prank with a terrific video allegedly starring eight sets of identical quadruplets. In a Monday morning message to viewers, they admitted that “the likelihood of us being able to assemble eight sets in New York via our mailing list was pretty preposterous.” Nonetheless, well played, as usual.

The Quadruplets mission was their annual April Fool’s hoax. They teamed up with filmmaker Cameron Sun and had him create some awesome visual effects. All of the “quadruplets” were single actors mixed with Cam’s special effects. Identical quadruplets are of course very rare, 1 in 13 millionOne estimate guesses that there have only been 67 sets of identical quadruplets born ever. So the likelihood of Improv Everywhere being able to assemble eight sets in New York via their mailing list was pretty preposterous indeed.

Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Boys Below the Age of 10, are a Delicacy in Dongyang City:

As spring sets in, a strange but familiar smell permeates the air in Dongyang City of China’s Zhejiang Province, as locals begin to eat the seasonal “virgin egg.” It’s the smell of urine, because “virgin eggs” are actually eggs boiled in the urine of virgin boys. The local word is Tongzi Dan which translates to “boy egg”. This bizarre street eat, though appalling to an outsider, has been a standard street fare in Dongyang for hundreds of years.

The process for making Tongzi Dan boiling the eggs in urine. After being brought to a boil in the steaming urine, the eggs are removed, their shells are cracked and they are placed back into the boiling urine to soak up flavor.


Residents of Dongyang love it. “It’s so delicious that I can eat 10 eggs a day,” said a woman who moved to Dongyang several years ago However, not all Dongyang people are interested in them. One local resident, said he had never tasted “virgin eggs.” “I can’t stand the smell. It’s awful.”

The urine is collected from local elementary schools. Plastic buckets are placed outside their classrooms and young boys are instructed to pee into them. The buckets are then collected through the day and used to make the delicacy. For the most part, the practice is accepted throughout primary schools in Dongyang and teachers even remind the boys not to use the buckets if they are sick.

Locals believe that the eggs have medicinal value. Urine contains a kind of crystal that can “diminish the internal heat of the human body” and stop bleeding. But Huang Jian, the chief urology physician of Jinhua Central Hospital, contested that there is nothing good for people’s health to be found in the urine. “After all, it is waste from the body,” he said.

(It’s not April first yet, is it?)