Funny! How the ‘Wall Street Journal’ Beat NBC’s Olympics Embargo:

NBC paid more than $1 billion for the rights to this year’s Summer Olympics in the United States. With that kind of investment, it’s no wonder the television giant isn’t sharing nice. Meanwhile, a partiality for embargoing video content until tape-delayed primetime broadcasts air has helped make the #NBCfail hashtag a common site on Twitter over the past few weeks.


The geniuses over at the Wall Street Journal, however, have found an innovative workaround: Puppets! Check out their makeshift broadcast of American swimmer Missy Franklin’s 100-meter backstroke medal race from Monday.


‘Mad Men’ Mapped: A Guide to NYC Hot Spots Frequented by Mad Men’s Characters

City culture organization WNYC has compiled geographical references that were made to 1960s New York, from the AMC television series Mad Men.


From the Empire State Building to Keens Steakhouse and the Stork Club, ‘Mad Men Mapped’ features a Google Maps edition of hot spots in New York City that were frequented by our favorite characters:

On the map, the spots also reveal when the locations were referenced and the exact details of the locations—you can even find Don Draper’s apartment in the upper east side. 
To cover all grounds, WNYC has also asked fans of the TV show to help map out city spots mentioned throughout the five seasons of the show. 

With the map, you can live like Don Draper, or take a self-guided tour of New York in the ‘60s—and also spoil the series for yourself, as some plot twists are revealed.


Harvey the dog, star of Thinkbox’s ads, is fast becoming a legend of the canine world

Harvey the dog, star of Thinkbox’s ads, is fast becoming a legend of the canine world. As his legions of fans know, he’s pretty handy around the house. To him, it was common sense that he should use the power of TV advertising to demonstrate some of his amazing skills and really get his message across:

YouTube Direkt

YouTube Direkt

Harvey also has a fan page on Facebook!

I don’t look much younger in this TV-commercial, Do I?

Lots of the creative work I make in the advertising business nowadays, concerns online stuff. A couple of years ago, most of my work mainly contained offline ads, like the many ones I made for television.

Heck. I even have my own commercial:

Do you have a moment? I filed almost all of my TV-commercials here. Most of them are in Dutch by the way… Just to let you know.

Many thanks to the many art directors and film directors I did these with.

Projects I got involved in: The Emirates’ new global brand platform


The thinking behind it.  

Emirates has recently launched its new global brand platform as the airline continues its “evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand”.


Photography by Maurice Heesen.

Themed ‘Hello Tomorrow’, the Dubai-based carrier rolled out an integrated marketing campaign as part of its bid to position the airline as “the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences.” 

Admirably so, the Strawberry Frog team managed to get that message across without showing-off Emirate’s impressive fleet in any of the ads…



Global TV commercial.

Throughout this campaign, you’ll notice that ‘Tomorrow’ is referred to as an entity on its own. I intended to portrait ‘Tomorrow’ as if it is someone you can actually meet and share thoughts and experiences with. As if ‘Tomorrow’ has a mind of its own, inviting you to engage. I think it brings deeper meaning to the pay-off: ‘Hello Tomorrow.’

The campaign features print, TV and digital executions, including billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station.


I’ll keep you posted. Oh! Emirates has also launched a refreshed website.

My modest contributions do not hold up compared to the many months of excessive hard labour by the Strawberry Frog team in Amsterdam and especially by David Warner (CD) and Craig Lovelidge (CD). So infinite respect and big thanks to them for inviting me and Paul Best (art) to work with them on this important project.

And of course Emirates is on Facebook too.

Emirates’ song: Trek. Artists: Spencer & Antfood.

See more projects I worked on

Stuff I made: The Return To Sender campaign

Return to Sender is a Dutch foundation that buys local produce from third world countries and sells it in The Netherlands. The profit then flows back to these regions, hence Return to Sender. TAXI Europe and I created a campaign (TV, online, print and PR) that tells the inspiring stories of both the sellers and the users, in a capturing and personal manner.

     Making of:                                                     

YouTube Direkt

     TV commercials:                                         

YouTube Direkt

YouTube Direkt





Thanks to Maarten van Huijstee (strategy), David and Kees (sfx) Andre Maat (director) and Daan Klaver for being my teammate on this project.


the stuff I made: – more stuff I made:

‘Bird Man’ Hoaxster Comes Clean on Dutch Television:

YouTube Direkt

The man who claimed to achieve bird-like flight with a custom-built contraption came clean today: It was a hoax 8 months in the making.

Netherlands artist Floris Kaayk, who went by the name of Jarno Smeets during his “Human Birdwings” project, admitted to the hoax today on a Dutch television program called “De Wereld Draait Door” (“The World is Turning”).