Invader launched his mosaic street art into space for Miami exhibition:

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Yes, space. Invader, whose 8-bit creations have “invaded” more than 35 cities around the world — and even the ocean floor! — expanded the scope of his global installation by boldly sending the tile mosaic Space-one where no other work of art has gone before.

The mosaic was attached to a mini homemade spacecraft launched near Miami, where Invader’s images from the classic game of the same name have been popping up all over buildings, walls, and sidewalks in advance of December’s Art Basel happenings.

An attached helium weather balloon carried Space-one high above Earth, and an on-board camera documented the balloon’s burst under atmospheric pressure.

Cool! Porcelain skateboards!

“Porcelain Decks” takes over Cali Helsinki, the streetwear concept store, for two weeks in 23.8.-8.9.2012. The exhibition consists of 12 different decks made out of porcelain that are illustrated with various ceramic techniques. In addition a short film made in collaboration with production company Cocoa and Angel Films is presented:

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Meet Man-Eater, a pedestrian-head eating creature:

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For four years Daniel Disselkøen took the same tram to art academy. He wondered why you would look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new. He decided to change the daily journey for his fellow passengers and himself. He didn’t move the tramway track, but he added something. Man-eater, a pedestrian-head eating creature. Man-eater is part of his graduation project ‘Remake Reality’ for the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands.

The “Water Light Graffiti” is a surface made of thousands of LED illuminated by the contact of water:

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You can use a paintbrush, a water atomizer, your fingers or anything damp to sketch a brightness message or just to draw. Water Light Graffiti is a wall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city.
More pictures and details on Digitalarti:

Water Light Graffiti is a project of Antonin Fourneau (
Production Digitalarti (

Brandalism? Brandalism:


Following on from the guerilla art traditions of the 20th Century and taking inspiration from the Dadaists, Situationists and Street Art movements, the Brandalism project will see the largest reclamation of outdoor advertising space in UK history as artists challenge the authority and legitimacy of the advertising industry. They are tired of being shouted at by adverts on every street corner so they decided to get together with some friends from around the world and start to take them back, one billboard at a time.